Advice from Houston, TX Wedding Photographers on Using Drone for Pictures

Drone for Wedding Photography

wedding-photographers1There are different styles for wedding photography. It’s one of the things that many brides find overwhelming when planning their wedding and deciding which photographer to hire. Well it isn’t that difficult unless you do your homework of researching about these different styles. You should focus more on searching for wedding photographers in Houston, TX whom you can be comfortable with. It would be easier to smile, pose and kiss in front of the camera when you and your photographers get along well,

Since there are couples who are not that comfy to be romantic in front of the camera, there are wedding photographers who utilize other equipment aside from the advanced DSLR and long lenses that you normally find them using. Others use these equipment in addition to their cameras for added fun factor to the photographs. One of the alternatives is the use of the game trail camera when the photo shoot is in the middle of the woods. Aside from that, there are now wedding photographers utilizing drones.

Drones have become a trend this recent years, and are still trending especially for travelers. Well whoever thought of using it for weddings, it’s a genius idea. However it is not an option or the best option rather for all kinds of weddings. Drones are different from cameras. There are ups and downs when drones are used for weddings especially in the middle of the ceremony. So here is a helpful advice from wedding photographers.

First, only use drone when the wedding is outdoors. Expert drone pilots are skilled in flying drones indoors but there are risks especially when you have hundreds of guests. When you really want to have an aerial shot of your wedding indoors, make sure the venue’s ceiling is high enough that it cannot distract attention and safe for everyone.

Second, don’t take close-up photos using the drone. While many drones can produce high quality pictures and videos, it is advised not to use it for close-up and headshots. A dslr camera can take care of close-up pictures. If the drone gets too close to you and the guests, it is not safe, it is loud and a distraction. Drones work differently than dslr cameras. In some venues and areas, drones may not be even allowed so this is one of the things you must consider.

Lastly, drones are fun and can add some thrill to your wedding photos. A lot of impossible photography ideas have been made possible with the use of drones. When drones are maneuvered by knowledgeable and skilled pilots, it can surely capture emotional, intimate moments and incredible shots for the wedding. When you are considering about using drones, ask your wedding photographers in Houston, TX first about the risks and the guidelines. It is worth researching for everyone’s safety.

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