Incorporating Wreaths in Venues in Portland, OR for Winter Weddings

Wreaths for Winter Weddings

venue2Are you planning a winter wedding celebration? Winter season does not call for extravagant wedding decorations. Thus, you only have to look for easy yet elegant ways to decorate the chosen wedding venues in Portland, OR. Incorporate wreaths in your decorations and it would truly give a festive flair to a romantic celebration in a chilly season. If you are wondering how to use wreaths for your weddings, here are some helpful ideas that are not just limited to the venue itself, click for more info.

Entrance – welcome your family and friends on your ceremony venue with wintry wreaths adoring the doors of the chapel, church or barn.

Backdrop – if you will be exchanging vows somewhere besides the chapel or in front of the altar, make a simple ceremony backdrop like an oversize wreath. Have it mounted on the walls or suspend it behind you. It is a simple one but definitely a great idea to give your wedding some color and texture.

Aisle maker – wreaths commonly come in huge sizes, but you can have it customized according to your preferred sizes too, like medium or small size wintry wreaths hanging on chairs and pews.

Fixture – wreaths made from greens, branches and twigs are easy to make and perfect for your fixtures like for lighting. Suspend the wreath horizontally and from that you can hang your lighting fixtures, like tin cans, bottles or jars with candles.

Aside from adding wreaths to wedding venues in Portland, OR, you can also have a flower crown or wreath crown that can be worn by you, the bride, or by your bridesmaids and flower girls. If you have a furry friend that will walk down the aisle, ask your florist to create a collar for your pet created from wreath. Other couples also embellish their wedding cake with wintry greenery and pine cones to give it more color.

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