The Price You Need to Pay when Searching in Orlando, FL for Wedding Planners

Cost of Wedding Planning Services

How much do you need to pay for a wedding planner? There is a common rule that many women believe that it depends on your total wedding budget. Typically, about 10 to 15% of the total wedding budget is being charged by the wedding planner. Even though you can say you are rich and have enough money to spend that amount for a wedding planner, it is still necessary to consider how much should you be spending for your wedding, official site.

Wedding PlannerProfessional wedding planners in Orlando, FL are certainly advantageous in many ways. You just need to remember that you are the bride and groom-to-be so you must not lose control over your own wedding. They actually offer different packages for weddings, and it is good to know about these before you sign that contract. Each package comes in varying price, so when the offer you just got sounds like a budget-breaker, consider the other packages that could possibly be within your budget.

First is the wedding consultation package. This is a perfect service for couples out there who are unknowledgeable about wedding planning or do not have any idea on where to start planning for their wedding. You meet with the planner and discuss together on different ideas and design, confirming venues suitable to your taste, suggesting wedding vendors, and ensuring that you are on track. If you have already started searching for ideas, you can have an appointment to ask help on areas you find challenging. This should be done before you start meeting and interviewing any vendors. Wedding planners normally charge their consultation service by the hour.

Second is the Day of Coordination package. You get help from the wedding planner 1 to 2 weeks prior to your wedding date. Yet still, they must be booked months ahead of the wedding. If you got your hands full in preparing for the wedding, the wedding planner will help in making your wedding visions into a reality. The day of the rehearsal, the wedding ceremony responsibilities and at the reception, the wedding planner is accountable to keep the couple’s visions possible. The charge of wedding planners for this package will depend on varying factors, but mostly based on the size of the wedding. If it is a small wedding and held in one venue, you are most likely to pay around $1,000. A huge wedding, however, involving more than 100 guests and more, for instance, and held in two separate venues, it will be roughly $2,000. Wedding planners need assistants for huge weddings.

Lastly is the Full Service Wedding Planning. This is the common package hired for wedding planners in Orlando, FL. This is a great option for couples who aren’t good in planning and hands over the full control of the look and feel of the celebration to the planner. You pay more for the wedding planner if he/she is a professional and depending if you are involved or not. If the wedding planner takes full responsibility in searching, setting up, verifying, contacting, and deciding on the wedding details and vendors like wedding photographer, you need to prepare about $10,000.  You will be charged about $3500 to $5000 if you get involved in the planning, somehow.

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